Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall into what?

And so it's fall... and what have you done?


The routine of school, work and deadlines has settled in and you are getting a little restless..
Are you yearning for a chance to escape your current situation, or maybe just pining to fly away to a different setting and hurl a curve ball into the middle your routine?

Maybe you are looking back on the year and realizing that you have fallen into a pattern that is distracting you from achieving your goals?

Well my glamorous darlings. there is still time left in the year to take a clear look at your goals for 2016 and examine how far you have come.  If there are pieces of yourself want to work on or projects that are laying waste in the closet of forgotten ideas TAKE ACTION!

1.  Write down those few things you wanted to accomplish in 2016 and devise a detailed step by step plan on how to reach the finish line.

2. Only focus on one or two things, you don't want to overwhelm yourself or set yourself up for disappointment...

3.  Make time for these goals and pencil it in to your routine, you will be surprised at how refreshed you will feel afterwards.

4. Even of you only spend an hour a day on these goals, you are one step closer to feeling accomplished, satisfied and self aware.

Don't let Fall's routine steal the time you need to make that long needed change, complete a creative project, or learn a new skill.  Answer the inner voice and give it the attention it deserves before the year ends and you wonder where your goals went...or what you fell onto that distracted you
from your dreams.

Until next time....
Stay Focused!!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Moving Forward

Summer is waning and its time for August to trickle in it's mist of summer haze.  Before you can say "Let's have a Pool Party", you will feel the slow punch of fall pushing through onto your beach blanket. 

August is the chance to move forward, reflect on goals and feel grateful for the sweet summer moments, while soaking in the last drops of the chlorine filled pool. 

How to Move Forward without getting stuck in a summer haze...

1.  Grab a fresh piece of your favorite Lisa Frank themed stationary and
write down some of the goals you had at the beginning of the year...did you accomplish them, come close or maybe scratch the surface of the result you were looking for??  If so.. then....

2.  Pat yourself on the back!!! You made progress....because you are driven and you've already had an incredibly fun Summer filled with jokes, laughs and complete disregard for who the next president will be...

3.  Get in Gear and sift your priorities into the funnel of ideas... It's time to pinpoint what you want the rest of year to look like....Do you want to stay at home and garden daisies while your children learn how to plant watermelon seeds, or do you need to save 2,000 dollars for that trip to the Eiffel Tower that you have been talking about since High School???

4.  Rock your favorite outfit and breathe in the air of the Leo.... Confidence is in the air this August, so get out there and bust out your best Katy Perry.......R-O-A-A-A-A-R-R!!!

Until Next time...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Time Changes...

Time spins fast... too fast for a lot of us.  So many changes can occur in one afternoon, and before you know it, the year is over. 

It gets hard to stay in the moment when you are rushing to the next appointment or trying to get the dry cleaning while dropping off your kid at Soccer practice... do you stay in touch with the moment while dealing with the changes of the rolling tide?? Especially when its a beautiful day outside and the sun is brightly smiling...

Breathe.... for about 45 seconds... there is time for this... and feel the sweet breeze passing by, or just listen to the sound of your breath.

Remember that it will all work out, even if its not exactly the way you planned, with the red balloons, mint chip ice cream and pink streamers, but there will be cake, there is always cake!!

 Focus on the road ahead ... and realize it will be filled with rocks.. but those rocks will be placed in all the right places so you can make your messy footprint as you glide through to the next phase.

Stop, look and listen to the action around you and you will be stunned at the stillness you experience...

or maybe just the sprinklers turning on in your neighbors lawn...stay still long enough and a light mist might softly brush your face in the summer heat.

So, my glamorous friends, embrace changes.. and they will embrace you back.

Until next time...

Thursday, June 9, 2016

For a Low Budget Summer

So its June gloom outside in the morning with a hot afternoon sun burning off the rays of the roof and you scored the weekend off to do what you please...

But your on a budget and you can't plan an afternoon of mimosas and macaroons at fancy pants cafe.

Do not fret.... I have made a list of low budget Summer activities that will get you smiling in the sun.

1.  Hit the beach and bring some snacks.... don't forget to build a sand castle.

2.  Make a simple, easy on your wallet home improvement, like painting a strip on a wall or adding a small detail that makes a big difference. ( this is especially good on those 90 degree days when you can't go outside.)

3.  Picnic at your local park.... I know its an age old idea, but once you actually do it, you will appreciate how social and relaxing it is at the same time.

4.  Take a hike up Pacific Coast Highway and enjoy the view. ( Do this when it is sunset, you will have the best view and the temperature will be just right)

5.  Volunteer at a local recreation center to help with summer programs.( This will be fun and you might even learn something)

6.  Museum hopping ....on the right days when the ticket prices are the lowest, or if  you are a student or a senior, you get a sweet discount...

7.  After the museum hopping, hold an art session at your house with your buddies and draw or paint on extra sheets of paper you have and any pencils or paint lying around. (This is fun, therapeutic and inexpensive)

8.  Start a summer project that has no monetary gain.  It can be anything your heart desires, a blog, a painting, a cooking recipe or a rock and roll album.  Something just for you and your own satisfaction that you can work on at your own pace and find pleasure in.

9.  Write a series of summer love poems and save them for your wedding day.

10.  Attend a free outdoor yoga class, there are a lot out there, or better yet, start your own.

I hope this list inspires you for your 2016 Summer...

Until Next time...

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time is a Valuable Thing

Hello There,

I hope your spring has sprung and your days have been filled with the beauty of new life that is Spring.  As the still air moves and the outside leaves sway, I am glad to have some time in my day to enjoy the beautiful creation that surrounds me.

Speaking of time... It seems like there is so little time these days.  Is the globe spinning faster or are we just adding more on to the list of activities on our plates? Time is money, but what is time worth to you? As I move into the next phase of life, I can't help but ponder the elements of time and the specific meaning it holds to each individual. Please comment below and let me know your thoughts about time....

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Its a Wrap

Hello glam family,

Can you believe I am done with school?? I am officially graduated!  First off, I want to say thank you to those who have been reading my blog and staying with me on my journey through the last eleven weeks of school.  It has been full of inspiration, action, networking and first time experiences. 

I will keep updating my blog as I enter the big scary world of post graduation, where all the surviving soldiers end up to take on the world in the next battle that we call "adult life". We are strong, brave and mighty, we can defeat the evil forces of adulthood, but first, coffee.

Please take a look at the final edits of my look book " Escape Into the Unknown"  S/S 2017

I hope you like it.
Here's to many more to come as I move swiftly into the next phase of my glamorous journey.

Until next time...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Escape Into the Unknown S/S 2017

Hello my glamorous darlings,

I am honored, excited and a little nervous to present to you my finished video look book for Spring/ Summer 2017, "Escape Into the Unknown".  I worked hard trying to make this look as polished as possible.  Please Note: This is my first time filming, editing and producing a look book. 
I hope my work clearly communicates the message. Young, wild and free to make the best mistakes.  "Escape Into the Unknown" speaks to the 24 year old girl who wakes up, goes to work, gets off late, then gathers with her best partner in crime to take on the night.

Until next time...